The paradigm shift in instruction for ELLs calls on teachers to offer explicit instruction on specific grammatical forms in order to develop students’ functional language skills. However, often ELD teachers’ own educational experiences have not prepared them to efficiently and effectively meet this challenge. Moreover, many teacher certification programs do not devote sufficient time to linguistic and grammatical topics for teachers to be fully effective in teaching these critical aspects of ELD. 

To assist ELD teachers in gaining a stronger understanding of linguistics, grammar, and other topics related to the instruction of ELLs, Dr. Connie Williams offers a series of interactive and dynamic workshops. These workshops can be customized to meet the specific needs of your school or district.

Linguistics Lite: Mastering the Basics
This workshop is “non-fat” linguistics! ELD teachers will learn about phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. The content will build on prior knowledge and expand participants’ grasp of linguistics so that they are better prepared ELD teachers. 
Time: 3 hours

Grammar with a Grin
This workshop will serve as a primer on grammar in the English language development classroom. Studies show that explicit grammar instruction leads to higher academic achievement for English learners, but many teachers do not have the tools they need to implement this instruction. The content will focus on an overview of the fundamentals of English grammar, with user-friendly materials and practical strategies that teachers can implement in their classrooms immediately. Participants learn language uses and associated grammatical forms appropriate for students at each language proficiency level. 
Part 1: Strategies for Teaching English Grammar to Beginning and Early Intermediate Learners
Part 2: Strategies for Teaching English Grammar to Intermediate Learners
Part 3: Strategies for Teaching English Grammar to Early Advanced and Advanced Learners
Time: 4.5 hours
NOTE: This workshop can be combined with “Linguistics Lite: Mastering the Basics.”

ELD 101
This workshop explores the history and development of English language development programs for English learners in various instructional settings, including Structured English Immersion, Bilingual Dual Immersion, and Two-Way Immersion. Participants will learn how the research-based paradigm shift in ELD instruction has affected the role of the ELD teacher and ELD instruction. Specific attention will be given to language proficiency levels, the link between social and academic language, and the importance of explicit grammar and phonics instruction for ELs. This workshop is appropriate for teachers new to ELD instruction or experienced educators looking for a quick refresher.
Time: 2 hours

ELD Power Practices: Stocking Your ELD Strategies Tool Kit
The notion of power practices is based on the idea that we know there are efficient and effective ways of accomplishing a task because we have repeated them successfully over a long period of time with large numbers of people. There is no limit to the potential power certain instructional practices have with English learners. This workshop focuses on 10 power practices that will provide the basic tools ELD teachers need to stock their ELD strategies tool kit.
Time: 2 hours

"To speak a second language is
to have a second soul."
Charlemagne, First emperor of the Holy Roman Empire