ELL/Spanish Immersion


This new and exciting program incorporates cutting-edge strategies and activities and enables the teacher to apply the best of language teaching methods. The flexibility of this supplemental program allows teachers to easily incorporate explicit instruction on specific forms and functions targeted at each levels of language proficiency.   The charts, frames, and games in this program provide the kinds of scaffolds students need to attain the highest levels of proficiency in English.

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Quick Informal Assessment (QIA) 
K - Adult 

This five-minute placement test can be used with any ELD program. It includes six oral and six literacy tests (alternate forms), and provides test questions in both English and Spanish. Score results place students in one of five language proficiency levels (Beginning-Advanced). A new 4th Edition now available.

For pricing information or to order the QIA, contact CW Educational Enterprises at 1-650-324-3434
"To speak a second language is 
to have a second soul."
Charlemagne, First emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
For pricing information or to order GO English 2!, visit the Ballard & Tighe, Publishers web site or contact Ballard & Tighe at (800) 321-4332.

  • Includes 32 different Table mats, subdivided into basic themes asHome/Health/Food/Clothing/Transportation/Communication/School/Leisure
  • Six full-color illustrations on each of the 32 table mats.
Language Learning Table Mats
Pre-K through Grades 3 and
for Parents

  • A new, verb-based oral language enhancement in the form of Table Mats (in English or in Spanish)
  • Designed for Beginning - Advanced ELs and Spanish Immersion students
  • Supplements any ELD (ESL) Two-Way or Dual Immersion program.


Teacher-friendly and easy to use, GO Spanish 2! provides teachers with a valuable tool that explains how the uses (functions) of the language interrelate with its grammar (forms). This program helps teachers guide their instruction of native Spanish speakers as well as second language learners of Spanish. The charts apply to all levels of language proficiency and are designed for Spanish Dual-Immersion or Two-Way Immersion programs as well as Spanish foreign language classrooms. 

For pricing information or to order GO Spanish 2!, visit the Ballard & Tighe, Publishers web site or contact Ballard & Tighe at (800) 321-4332.