About Dr. Connie Williams
Dr. Connie Williams knows from experience that everyone in an ELL's environment contributes to the learner’s ability to understand, speak, read, and write the language. Connie grew up in a bilingual home where Italian and English were both spoken, but it was her three years of studying Spanish in Mexico that enabled her to develop a deep appreciation for the daunting task of internalizing a second or even third language.
Connie currently conducts professional development seminars across the country on a range of issues related to ELLs, including English language development (ELD/ESL), sheltered instruction/SDAIE, and bilingual education. She has been an instructor of ELL-related certificate programs in the state of California (CLAD and BCLAD), as well as a professor of university courses designed for future teachers of ELLs. Additionally, Connie has authored and co-authored instructional and assessment materials for teachers, paraprofessionals, and parents of ELLs, including Action Sequence StoriesQuick Informal Assessment (QIA), Pre-IPT in English and Spanish, Go English 2!, and Go Spanish 2! She has written numerous articles that reflect her research in the disciplines of second language instruction, linguistics, and grammar. 
William Butler Yeats aptly describes Connie's approach to education: "Teaching is not the filling of the pail, but the lighting of the fire." Connie’s dynamic personality and high energy level captivate students and teachers alike, but it is her down-to-earth essence that endears her to all. She is keenly aware of the real and complex issues teachers face. Her workshops, seminars, and presentations are filled with practical ideas inspires teachers to go back to the classroom with a restored sense of the critical role they play in the learning process. Her instructional and assessment materials are hands-0n, interactive, and easy to implement--key ingredients for success in the classroom! 
Connie holds a bachelor’s degree in education and Spanish (1965), a master of arts degree in multicultural education (1977), and a master of science degree in public school administration (1981) from San Jose State University and California State University, Hayward. She earned her Ed.D. in second language acquisition from the University of San Francisco in 1989.
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Dr. Connie Williams
"To speak a second language is 
to have a second soul."
Charlemagne, First emperor of the Holy Roman Empire